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 Articles in the Alberta Dairy Management Series
   Feeds & Feeding
  Alfalfa Protein
  Rumen Acidosis
    Rumen-Protected Amino Acids 1. Background
    Rumen Protected Amino Acids 2. Alimet® - unprotected but highly effective
    The Use of Buffers in Dairy Diets
    Studies of Barley Feed Quality
    Barley Grain for Dairy Cattle
    Condition Score Your Cows
    Cereal Silages 1. Feeding values and crop yields
    Cereal Silages 2. Production responses
    Cereal Silages 3. Variation in feeding value among barley silage cultivars
    Cereal Silages 4. Factors affecting silage intake and milk production
    Monitor Silage Dry Matter Content
    Adding Enzymes to Dairy Diets 1. Background
    Adding Enzymes to Dairy Diets 2. Experimental results
    Facts About Fats
    Manipulating Milk Composition 1. The effect of feeding high concentrate rations
    Manipulating Milk Composition 2. Feeding oilseeds alters fat composition
    Manipulating Milk Composition 3. Feeding rumen-protected whole canola seed
    Profitable Fat Feeding
    Growth Hormone 1. Introduction and production responses
    Growth Hormone 2. Milk safety
    Hulless Barley 1. Production responses, digestibility and processing
    Every Extra Pound Is Profit
    How Much Do Cows Eat?
    How the Cow Makes Lactose 1. Glucose from starch
    Dietary Cation-Anion Balance
    What Manure Can (and can't) Tell You
    Feeding Rumensin® To Lactating Cows
    Micronization of Full-fat Canola Seed
    Fibre for Lactating Cows
    How Much Fibre Is Enough?
    Bypass Protein 1. Background
    Bypass Protein 2. Production responses in early and late lactation
    Feeding Peas to Lactating Cows
    Understanding Your Feed Analysis Report
    In brief: University of Alberta Dairy Research Summaries
    Bacterial Silage Inoculants
    Round Bale Silage
    Estimating Silage Inventories
    Water Requirements of Lactating Cows
   Genetics & Reproduction
    Getting Cows Bred 1. Preparing cows for high conception rates
    Getting Cows Bred 2. Heat Detection and Insemination
    Prevent Cystic Ovaries
    Using Prostaglandin to Reduce Days Open
    Genetic Evaluations for Production Traits
    Energy and Protein Status Affect Fertility
    Estrus Detection Aids - Blessings of crutches?
    Timed Insemination Eliminates Heat Detection
    Longevity and Burnout
   Health Management
    Protect Your Herd From BVD
    Rewarming Chilled Calves
    Johne's Disease
    Laminitis and Dairy Cow Lameness
    Staph Aureus and Bulk Tank Culturing
    Vaccination Programs that Work
   Lactation & Milk Quality
    Spontaneous Oxidized Flavour in Milk
    Milk Protein
    Premilking Udder Preparation
   Housing & Equipment
    Bulk Tank Calibration
    Comfortable Cows Are More Productive
    Dairy Information on the Internet 1. Grab a mitt and get in the game
    Stray Voltage
   DHI & Herd Records
    Culling Records
    Lactation Curves
    Profit From Monitoring Linear Scores
    Milk, Standard Milk and BCA
    Dairy Management Software
    Adjusting Records ...the Amercan Way
   Financial Management
    The Value of Milk Components
    $/hL or Return Over Feed Costs
    What You Can Do About High Feed Costs
    Plan Your Production to Year-end
    What Is Quota Worth?
    The Cost of Skim-Off
    The Cost of Raising Replacements
    305 Day Production
    Acid Detergent Fibre
    Acid Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen
    Amino Acids
    Barley Grain
    Breed Class Average
    Cereal Silage
    Condition Scoring
    Corn Grain
    Crude Fat
    Crude Fibre
    Crude Protein
    Cystic Ovaries
    Degradable Intake Protein
    Dietary Cation-Anion Balance
    Displaced Abomasum
    Dry Matter and Moisture
    Dry Matter Intake of Dry Cows
    Energy Estimates
    Energy Partitioning
    Energy Requirements - Lactation
    Fat Cow Syndrome
    Fats and Oils
    Fatty Liver Syndrome
    Fibre Requirements - Lactation
    Full-fat Whole Canola Seed
    Full-fat Whole Flaxseed
    Growth Hormone
    Hay Crop Silage
    Intake of Lactation Rations
    Johne's Disease
    Koster Crop Tester
    Micowave Oven DM Estimation
    Milk Composition
    Milk Fever
    Milk Replacers
    Mineral Requirements - Lactation
    Neutral Detergent Fibre
    Neutral Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen
    Non-Fibre Carbohydrates
    Non-Protein Nitrogen
    Non-Structural Carbohydrates
    Protein Requirements - Lactation
    Relative Feed Value
    Retained Placenta
    Rumensin for Lactating Cows
    Silage Inoculants
    Soluble Protein
    Total Mixed Rations (TMRs)
    Transition Milk
    Transition Rations
    Udder Edema
    Undegradable Intake Protein
    Vitamin Requirements - Lactation
    Volatile Fatty Acids
    Water for Lactating Cows
 Dairy Herd Improvement User Guides & Infosheets
   User Guides
    Cow Production Monthly Report
    Monthly Herd Summary Report
    Somatic Cell Count Report
    Breeding Guide Plus Option
    Cow Productivity Option
    Lactation Curves Option
    Breed Class Average
    Persistency of Milk Production